RhB BDt 1751-1758 Model

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The model:

The model of the RhB BDt 1751-1758 will have the following highlites:

  • Can be ordered in true-to-scale 1:22,5 (length 784 mm) or as shortened model (lenght 680 mm) fitting to carriages of other suppliers
  • 2 axles with ballbearings for power pickup
  • 2 axles with steel wheels
  • Body made from lasered materials
  • White frontlights with Swiss signalling (3+1) or red closing lights with LEDs
  • Route table above the cabin with various destinations tht can be picked via the handy
  • Interiorlights
  • Cabinlights that dims as soon as the train starts. Can be turned on constantly as well
  • ESU Functiondecoder