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The model of the Churer Pendelzug is built in scale 1:22,5 or in an adapted scale to match locos and carriages of other producers. The lenght of a true-to-scale 3-carriage train is about 2,40 meter. The train is built from Polystyreen plates in various thickness and glued with industrial strenght glue. The sidings are built from 2 layers with the glass enclosed in the middle so it can be replaced quite easily when damaged, Various parts are drawn in 3D software and afterwards printed on a special 3D printer, using a very though Nylon material. The finish is with multiple layers of ground- and coverpaint. Striping and logo’s are added later.

The motorbogies are constructed in Nylon. The axes are running in ballbearings and a strong Buhler Motor is used to propell the train. The carriages are coupled using a very strong neodym magnet. This ensures safe coupling with a certain ease of uncoupling. The transfer of electrical current is handled with cords and plugs.

Because of its lenght the train can not run through radius R1. At least R2 but preferably R3 or R5 are to be used. This train is not a childrens toy and not suitable for ages under 15! .


This model was nominated for model of the year in 2013.

Pictures of the Model (click for large):


[youtube_sc url=”mgYqj1JENak”]