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Ed’s Garten Bahn introduces one of the missing items for your garden layout: moving cars.

Until now cars on the garden layout are always passive, they are parked near houses or stations. With the AutoMobilia System by Ed’s Garten Bahn you can finally change this.

Every car uses a strong motor which is powered by a small LiPo Battery. A charger is always added. On the bottom of the car a small magnet follows the wire in the road. The steering front wheels make sure the car is going in the right direction. All you have to do is switch the car on and it will run for at least 4 hours.

The wire can be grinded in the existing road. The diameter of the wire is just 1 mm, so a small slot is sufficient. A special attachment for the Dremel tool is available with us or at your local hardware store. It’s important to have the wire just below the road-surface.

Or you can buy ready to use parts to create a road. Several different parts like straight track, curves, switches and a turning-loop are available. The track is showing a stone motive which will be a visual addition to your layout.

A number of roadparts is developed so a road can be built very easy. The parts are made form Polystyrene and the top layer is showing a road surface. The parts can be used in the garden. The driving wire is invisible and connecting the roadparts is very easy. Various curves and straight track is available. Also switches and a return-loop are offered. With this return-loop its possible to have the car drive back on the same track. Using these parts creates a dog bone shaped layout.

The program will be extended in the future.

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Curve 15 degrees:Bocht_15

Curve 30 degrees:Bocht_30

Straight 360 mm:Recht_360

Straight 180 mm:Recht_180

Switch left:WisselLinks

Switch rights:WisselRechts